January 20, 2018
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Michael J. Fox set for ‘Designated Survivor’

Michael J. Fox is returning to the legal world with a turn in ‘Designated Survivor.’ — AFP picMichael J. Fox is returning to the legal world with a turn in ‘Designated Survivor.’ — AFP picLOS ANGELES, Jan 12 — Back to the Future star Michael J. Fox will appear in five of the 11 remaining Designated Survivor episodes when season two returns from its year-end break.

Michael J. Fox is returning to the legal world with a turn in Designated Survivor.

The TV series features another actor central to several 1980s classics, Kiefer Sutherland of Stand by Me and The Lost Boys, now better known for his award-winning role as secret agent Jack Bauer in 24.

Sutherland features as career politician Tom Kirkman, suddenly promoted to US President when a massive explosion wipes out most of the country’s executive, legislative and judicial elite — including the former President and everyone else who otherwise would have succeeded him.

A well-received first season aired over eight months from late 2016 to mid 2017, with season two starting up again in September 2017 and following Kirkman’s second year in office.

This second season has surpassed the first in terms of US viewership at every step of the way, and TV network ABC is aiming to keep interest high ahead of February’s recommencement by casting Michael J. Fox as an attorney hired by the President.

Fox played crafty lawyer Louis Canning in Chicago-set drama The Good Wife and here becomes Ethan West, a high-flying attorney who comes into contact with President Kirkman.

West works for the President’s Cabinet and, according to ABC, soon becomes appointed as a special prosecutor, with the remit of investigating former President Cornelius Moss.

“West is a hyper-competitive, wily, relentless lawyer who plays his cards close to the vest and whose only allegiance is to his mandate,” ABC goes on to specify. “[His] single-mindedness makes him an unpredictable and formidable adversary for President Tom Kirkman,” the network teases. — AFP-Relaxnews

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