September 22, 2017

SOH ZHI MIN, the Malaysian medical student and Public Service Department (JPA) scholar in Edinburgh, Scotland, was a “well respected” student in Edinburgh University’s medical school.

Dr David Kluth, the director of undergraduate medical teaching, said: “She will be deeply missed by the medical school community. Our sympathies at this time are with her family and friends. We have all lost a bright star of the future.”

Soh was crushed to death by a tour bus in a recent accident. After the wheels of her bicycle got caught in tram tracks, she was thrown under a minibus in Princes Street, outside House of Fraser, and was hit last Wednesday morning.

She was taken to Royal Infirmary but died in hospital from serious injuries, according to reports.

Edinburgh police are still investigating the death of the fourth-year medical student and called it a tragic incident.

“Our thoughts are with Zhi Min’s family and friends as they come to terms with their loss. I would like to thank those who stopped in Princes Street to assist Zhi Min on Wednesday morning.

“A significant number of witnesses have come forward and we are continuing to speak to them as part of our ongoing inquiries. We will be in touch with all witnesses in due course,” said police sergeant Fraser Wood.

A surgeon at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, Professor Chris Oliver, said at least 191 cyclists have been injured in tram-track accidents, with more than 140 of them making legal claims against Edinburgh City Council.

Following the incident, the City Council said a safety review was under way, and they have also called Edinburgh Trams to review its operations and enhance its safety.

“In light of this, and notwithstanding Police Scotland’s ongoing inspection, we will carry out a road safety assessment of the area, considering all users and aspects of the junction and its approaches.

“This will include consultation with key stakeholders and any findings that could lead to safety improvements will be carefully considered.

“Further, and more generally, we have invited Edinburgh Trams to review their day-to-day operations and consider any changes that can be made to enhance safety.

“The council and our partners take road safety extremely seriously and we constantly review the range of measures we have in place to ensure that the Capital’s roads are safe for all road users,” said the City Council’s spokeswoman.

This is an abridged version of an article that first appeared in the Malaysian Digest

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