September 20, 2017

PETALING JAYA: A mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter has admitted his mistake for getting in a scuffle with several security guards at a condominium in Subang Jaya.

Darriush Kha Lili, who admitted to being the fighter in the viral video, said he did not want “trouble” with the police, the New Straits Times reported today.

A series of videos showing the man being pinned and tied by four security guards who overpowered him.

Darriush said that he “could have easily fought back” with the guards but he did not want to hurt anyone.“I didn’t even fight back, I’m not dumb,” he reportedly said.

“Guys, it’s a long story … it’s me there, I didn’t intend to hurt anyone, I could’ve fight back easily yea, I just threw few kicks to keep him away, then they just jumped me, I didn’t even fought back, I’m not dumb.”

The guard reportedly refused entry to the man as he did not have a pass for the condominium.

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