We received a tip-off in the middle of the week before last that Jho Loh is “cooperating” with the US Department of Justice (DOJ).

Another Brick in the Wall

The source speculated that he could implicate Dato Mohd Najib to save his skin. Yes, the source is not from the Anti-Najib Campaigners, but pro-Najib. It sounded rather protective.

A check with an ANC side source found there is some truth to it but the extent of the “cooperation” is not known.

Another source speculated that Jho Loh could be a “crown witness” and that way, get let off with a slap in the hand. They called it state witness in the States.

Me no lauyar, but our logic, based on some understanding and opinion of law practitioners, limited access to certain people, and years of following 1MDB before the public is aware of such a thing, tells me that something does not feel right.

Over tea on the Thursday with someone on a certain matter, the subject came up. And, there was something concrete to confirm such possibility.

However, we were thinking more of the matter in hand. But, we did shared some ideas with the someone.

Leaked bombshell

On Thursday morning, Sarawak Report broke the following:

In her posting, Clare Rewcastle Brown was rambling more of Sheikh Yousef Otaba, the UAE Ambassador to the US and his relation with Jho Loh.

It could be totally ignored as nothing to do with 1MDB but money diverted from legally fulfilled obligation of 1MDB.

The title matter came only at the end and is quite typical of a spinned and dramatised writing.

She revealed the following May 17, 2017 e-mail:

In the first place, we hardly trust any email document of Clare.

She adulterated email on Petrosaudi and till today, could not produce evidence Good Star belonged to Jho Loh. On many occasions, she was caught publishing fake documents and pictures since the day SR came online in 2006 to attack Pehin Seri Taib Mahmud.

And she is corrupt too (read Third Force here).

State witness

It makes no sense for Jho Loh to be a US state witness.

He is the real culprit as far as Malaysians in the know of the 1MDB debacle. This blog made this known as early as February 2015 and several postings after (read here, here and here).

The leak of selective documents (not complete set) in the 1MDB attack is about the problem with the high living fatso.

But, Tun Dr Mahathir took it for a spin to oust Najib to avenge for Mukhriz’s VP loss and the nationalisation of his IPP cronies or some say, proxies.

Inside sources within ANC claimed Mahathir hired SR’s Clare and a team of lawyers to concoct documents and collaborated with Loretta Lynch and James Comey to file a complain.

The existing accusation on Najib is weak and based on the premise of ultimate responsibility. It could be dispelled as political propaganda to put him in play.

More information and evidence required to proof he was actively involved in the wrongdoings.

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