September 24, 2017

PETALING JAYA: MCA secretary-general Datuk Seri Ong Ka Chuan (pic) has taken to task an online news portal for trying to “discredit” the Prime Minister.

Ong said that an online portal had a misleading title for its report that was aimed at creating discontent and resentment towards Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

“It is unfortunate that once again, an online news agency deems it fit to discredit the Prime Minister’s speech delivered during the ‘Malaysian Chinese Patriotic Rally’ at Putra World Trade Centre during the momentous occasion on Malaysia Day,” said Ong in a statement on Sunday.

Ong described the report as “sensationalism” and said that the Prime Minister’s speech should be read in its entirety, not just using selected words.

He said that Najib, in his speech, had stressed on the nation’s fight against terrorists such as the Islamic State (IS).

“Once the nation’s peace and stability are destroyed by these undesirable elements, all ethnicities in the country will suffer,” said Ong.

“Unfortunately, the online media had reported the Prime Minister out of context, deliberately pinpointing certain words, in its mischievous title,” he said.

Ong said that many Malaysian Chinese are engaged in commercial activities, and coupled with the fact that a vast majority of Chinese are non-Muslims, the Chinese “face a relatively larger risk” if there is an IS attack.

“Because IS and other terrorists have openly targeted non-Muslims. It is not only in Malaysia but also in the Middle East, Europe and Marawi in the Philippines, IS and their supporters have openly declared and launched terrorist and slaughter rampages mostly targeting non-Muslims,” he said.

Ong said Najib emphasised the importance of stability, peace and the key role the Government undertakes in safeguarding national security.

“Regrettably, certain online media distorted, made selective references and reported the Prime Minister out of context.

“This appears to be an attempt to fabricate a wrong impression of the Prime Minister as if he is threatening the Chinese community,” he added.

Ong said the presence of Najib together with Chinese businessmen, Chinese guilds and associations, plus other NGOs is a “positive affirmation” and recognition of the success of the Chinese community.

He said the event was also an acknowledgment of the contributions by the Malaysian Chinese towards nation building, ensuring continuous growth and prosperity.

This is not the first time online news portals had sensationalised and reported misleading news, Ong alleged.

“We cannot stop this unprofessional behaviour, but we urge readers to understand the truth, and to not be misled by the erroneous reporting by certain online media,” he said.


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