September 19, 2017

KUALA LUMPUR: Thousands of Keretapi Sarong 2017 participants today proved that there is nothing shameful in wearing Malaysia’s old traditional sarong while walking and riding public transport.

Fashionably dressed in different style and colours of batik sarong and ‘kain pelikat’, participants marched proudly from five LRT and MRT stations to tourist spots like Masjid Jamek, KL Sentral and National Museum in conjunction with 54th Malaysia Day today.

For a 22-year old university student, Mohd Azrul Ahmad, he was really proud to embrace his late grandfather’s sarong to show that younger generation like him still appreciates the nation’s heritage fabric and wants to keep the legacy for future generation.

“We usually wear sarong when going to the mosque for praying or while staying at ‘kampung’. Why don’t we practise this kind of dressing in our daily culture just like the ancient people does,” he told Bernama during the programme here.

Also joining the meaningful moment was a 35-year old German expatriate, Viola, who tried to wear the Malaysian traditional fabric for the first time.

“I actually learnt how to wear the sarong while visiting Kelantan last year and of course I do not want to miss the opportunity to know how it feels on wearing this (sarong) while having a walk in the city with a crazy crowd,” she said.

Pensioner Angie Ng, 57 hoped the event could remind people on the importance of looking to Malaysian culture as their identity besides uniting multiracial people.

“Our traditional custom and culture is very beautiful and full of unique flavour, if we don’t want it slowly vanishing we must have a sense of pride and value to us as Malaysians,” she said.

The event, which entered its fourth time, aims to encourage the usage of Malaysian public transportation in Klang Valley and minimise carbon footprint in the city, while promoting the use of sarongs and educating the public on the history and secrets of sarong wear. — Bernama

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