Second ‘Left Alive’ trailer hints at ‘Metal Gear,’ ‘Front Mission’ components (VIDEO)

‘Left Alive’ makes for easy comparisons with recent entries to the ‘Metal Gear Solid’ franchise. — AFP pic‘Left Alive’ makes for easy comparisons with recent entries to the ‘Metal Gear Solid’ franchise. — AFP picTOKYO, Sept 22 — Revealed during PlayStation’s 2017 Tokyo Game Show showcase, a follow-up trailer for Left Alive indicates that it could fill a Metal Gear Solid-shaped gap in the market.

For many fans of the franchise, 2015 marked the death of Metal Gear.

Creator and director Hideo Kojima had left the series publisher, Konami, as the label underwent a radical reconfiguration of its video game output.

A few months later, he had relocated to Sony, laying the foundations for mysterious new project “Death Stranding,” while Konami started replacing departed staff and made preparations for zombie spin-off Metal Gear Survive.

Enter Square Enix and a Japanese developer supergroup of sorts leading Left Alive: Shinji Hashimoto, Toshifumi Nabeshima, Yoji Shinkawa and Takayuki Yanase.

Shinkawa and Yanase both worked on entries to the Metal Gear series — illustrator, character designer and art director Shinkawa was there since 1998’s seminal Metal Gear Solid, as well as Kojima’s earlier detective adventure Policenauts and subsequent giant robot action game Zone of the Enders.

Yanase specialises in mechanical design, notching up Metal Gear Solid 4, the action-oriented collaboration Metal Gear Rising: Revengenace and Xenoblade X among his achievements.

Nabeshima, meanwhile, has been heavily involved in the Armoured Core series of giant robot games, while Shinji Hashimoto, an SVP at Square Enix, oversaw several entries to the similarly robot-oriented Front Mission series, which Shinkawa (and Kojima) contributed to for 2010’s Front Mission Evolved.

And so, just as its developers’ legacies suggest, at this point Left Alive looks very much like a crossover between the enormous, armoured, humanoid war machines of the Front Mission franchise and the lone wolf, stealth-action approach of a Metal Gear Solid title.

Set in a snowy, presumably Russian (or Russia-adjacent) city environment, the game’s second trailer introduces its first human character, a scarred military pilot stepping from a damaged walking tank, surveying wintry streets as fires burn and smoke fills the blackened sky.

Transports fly overhead, just as they did in Left Alive’s teaser debut, carrying more walkers towards destinations unknown.

Cut to a montage of fast-paced action sequences that, unlike the previous cinematic trailer, appear to be taken from the game’s interactive sections themselves; an olive and khaki-clad soldier runs through a burning alleyway, approaches guard posts under cover of night, and opens fire on a towering mechanoid with an assault rifle.

Both the cinematic and apparent gameplay excerpts can be interpreted as further proof of an affinity with the Metal Gear Solid aesthetic, and with Death Stranding without a release date, 2018’s PlayStation 4 and PC title Left Alive appears to be shooting for the same audience. — AFP-Relaxnews

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