February 25, 2018
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KUALA LUMPUR: Former member of Elite group, Watie or her real name Norwati Sadali, was ordered to pay RM102,490.05 to the Malaysian Department of Insolvency to clear the status of fellow singer Hana or her real name Norhanasafiza Mat Adnan, who was declared a bankrupt since 2013.

The order was issued by Selayang Sessions Court Judge, Rasyihah Ghazali in chambers today which was attended by Hana, 39, together with her lawyer Samir Zainal and Watie, 41, who was not represented.

Samir, when met by reporters, said the court ordered Watie to pay RM99,500 as the first payment to the the department’s director-general before or on Nov 30.

“Watie is required to pay RM102,490.05 to the Insolvency Department until the department issues a discharge letter to confirm Hana is released from her bankruptcy status,” said the lawyer who added that his client was declared a bankrupt since April 1, 2013.

Samir said the payment to the Insolvency Department was part of Watie’s total debt of RM707,351.83 payable to Hana.

“The court had also ordered Watie to pay to her friend RM2,500 on the 25th of every month beginning from January next year until the debt is settled,” he said.

Hana, who won a lawsuit against Watie on March 10, 2015, filed a judgment debtor summons on May 18 after the actress failed to pay damages which to date amounted to RM707,351.83.

In the debtor’s lawsuit, Hana also appealed to the court to issue a warrant of arrest if Watie fails to appear in court to give an explanation regarding her failure to pay the debt.

On March 10, 2015, the court ordered Watie as defendant to pay damages amounting to RM707,351.83 after allowing Hana’s suit against the actress.

Hana filed the suit after Watie failed to settle a bank loan, which used her name for the purchase of a Toyota Wish.

In the statement of claim, Hana claimed she had taken a RM150,000 bank loan to buy the car sometime around Sept 2005, on behalf of Watie as the latter was not eligible for a loan.

Hana, as the plaintiff, claimed that after Watie took possession of the vehicle, she failed to comply with the prescribed conditions including making the instalment payments since Sept 2010 to the bank resulting in her (Hana) being declared a bankrupt on April 1, 2013.

Meanwhile, Hana, 39, said she felt relieved after the long wait.

“Alhamdulillah everything went on smoothly and finally I can carry on with my life as usual. I am now free to see my two children, Aaron Danial Mann, 16, and Alayna Daniella Mann, 15, who are currently in London with my former husband,” said the part-time model.

The media however failed to get any comments from Watie who was present at today’s proceeding accompanied by her husband, Zulkifli Daud or better known as Joey, as they were seen rushing off in a vehicle.


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