February 23, 2018
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A photo posted on the social media showing the flooded section of the highway. Federal Highway flooded after downpour.A photo posted on the social media showing the flooded section of the highway. Federal Highway flooded after downpour.PETALING JAYA, Oct 30 — The flash floods which affected part of the Federal Highway here today were due to backflow of water and sediments from a construction site.

Natural Resources and Environment Minister Datuk Seri Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar said he was informed of the cause by the Drainage and Irrigation Department (DID).

“The water overflow was bad as the drainage could not cope with the flow of water during the heavy rain due to sediments from a construction site,” he said in a Facebook post.

A spokesman said an investigation was being carried out by the DID.

The two-hour downpour which started at 2pm flooded a section of the highway leading towards Petaling Jaya near the exit to Bangsar South, Jalan Bangsar and Pantai.

With traffic reduced to a standstill, motorists stuck on the highway and those in nearby buildings overlooking the highway posted pictures on social media to show the extent of flooding and the heavy traffic.

A number of social media users expressed their displeasure at the flash floods.

“Poorly designed, and poor quality control. Well the engineer in making that must have scored poorly in mathematics & statistics,” said Facebook user Naga Tang.

“Rapid development, this is what happens,” said Tia Rudin, another Facebook user.

“In Malaysia, drains are only constructed once the building’s finished, hahahaha,” said Muhammad Razi on the popular social network.

Others took a more pragmatic stance, warning their friends and followers of the floods.

“I was there! Crazy rain and floods. The exit from Jalan Gasing and Jalan Utara to Federal highway were also flooded. Take care!” said Choon Yung on Facebook.

“Federal Highway, massive flash flood before the Arch, Kerinchi LRT. AVOID IT,” said Rahul SK.

Then there were others who found humour in the chaotic situation.

“Teh Tarik bungkus ikat tepi, yummmmmmmmmmmm,” said Ong Shu Ming, referring to the colour of muddy waters as that of the popular hot beverage.

“Leave your cars at home, use the sampan, kayak, dinghy, canoe instead!” said Alain Toh.

Checks by Malay Mail showed the floods receded by 5.30pm and traffic flow resumed on all three lanes of the affected section.

A spokesperson for the Kuala Lumpur Fire Department clarified they did not receive any report of incidents on the highway.

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