February 25, 2018
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Greeks anti-fascists believe that one’s politics is and must be present in all aspects of life. That is how the White Tiger Muay Thai camp was born four years ago. It is a place where trainees get taught martial arts, but also one where their anarchist and anti-authoritarian beliefs are welcome and fostered.

This week we’re taking you on a trip to Greece’s capital, Athens. To be more precise, we’re going to the central neighbourhood of Exarchia, the pinnacle of Greek leftist politics to discuss the idea that people are not only willing, but physically able to confront fascism in the streets.

On the show: Al Jazeera journalist Patrick Strickland, who visited the gym and also lives in Exarchia. Our host is Priyanka Tilve. 

Follow them on Twitter: @P_Strickland_ and @ptilve


Pushing back: Greek gym trains for anti-fascist action 
Greece mourns slain anti-fascist rapper Pavlos Fyssas

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