February 23, 2018
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KUALA LUMPUR: Television programme host Mat Dan, or his real name Kareef Daniel Abdullah, 27, has moved into acting.

Born in Bristol, England as Daniel Tyler before he came to Malaysia and converted to Islam, Mat Dan became well known in this country after he appeared in a video speaking in the Terengganu Malay dialect which became viral, and he has now got involved in a short film.

“I was involved in a short film last week as I wish to go into acting next,” he told Bernama, here, yesterday.

Mat Dan who has been living in Malaysia since 2009 when he was aged 19, and married a Terengganu lass this year, is a television programme host with Astro.

The “Mat Dan Kaki Jalan” programme that he hosts takes viewers to 13 interesting destinations in Malaysia, and he co-hosts the “Haramain Backpackers” travelogue with PU Amin, while also being involved in business.

He is actively promoting a hair pomade with the brand name, J.Tac by Mat Dan, taken after the term ‘semat jetak’, which means very smart in the Terengganu Malay dialect.

Mat Dan also aspires to produce and sell hipster budu (fish sauce).

“When I started becoming a celebrity, I did think of making a budu-based product and now I am thinking of coming up with hipster budu,” he said, without elaborating what he meant by hipster budu.


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