February 25, 2018
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Kim Joo-hyuk was at the height of his career, having just won his first film award last Friday. — Screengrab via TwitterKim Joo-hyuk was at the height of his career, having just won his first film award last Friday. — Screengrab via TwitterSEOUL, Nov 1 — An autopsy on Kim Joo-hyuk who was killed in a car crash on Monday in Seoul has revealed that the actor died from a fatal head injury.

Multiple entertainment sites quoted Seoul police and South Korea’s National Forensic Service as saying that the injury would have instantly killed Kim.

They added that there was no evidence of myocardial infarction, which was previously reported as a possible cause that led to the car accident.

A more detailed autopsy result will become available after about a week, police added.

The 45-year-old actor was driving a Mercedes-Benz SUV on Monday when he swerved, causing his car to crash into the wall of an apartment block and “flip over”.

Firefighters managed to extricate Kim from the vehicle and he was rushed to hospital where he died.

Authorities said the driver of another car that Kim had collided with survived the accident.

Kim’s funeral will take place tomorrow and he will be buried in Seosan city.

Kim had a 20-year career that saw him play the leading man on both the small and big screens.

He was best known for his roles in the TV series Lovers in Prague and in films such as My Wife Got Married and Yourself and Yours.

It was only last Friday that he won his first film award for his portrayal of a ruthless North Korean mobster in Kim Sung-hoon’s Confidential Assignment.

Kim has three movies slated for release next year, including crime drama Dok-jeon and Cho Geun-hyun’s Heung-bu.

Kim’s death drew a huge reaction among social media users in South Korea on Monday, as both fans and colleagues expressed their shock and disbelief at his passing.

In a tweet that has received more than 7,500 likes, one social media user wrote: “He’s a rare character that almost everyone liked. Everyone remembers him as someone who respects others and that’s why I feel so empty today.”

Meanwhile, the production team of the popular 2 Days & 1 Night reality show issued a statement to pay homage to Kim.

“We are deeply shocked and paying our condolences to Kim Joo-hyuk, who will forever be our member,” a public statement read.

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