February 25, 2018
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'Ghost of Tsushima' represents the next outing for one of Sony's major studios. — Sucker Punch Productions/Sony Interactive Entertainment pic via AFP‘Ghost of Tsushima’ represents the next outing for one of Sony’s major studios. — Sucker Punch Productions/Sony Interactive Entertainment pic via AFPPARIS, Nov 1 — An October 30 presentation at Paris Games Week saw PlayStation introduce live-action drama “Erica,” take a grim turn with trailers for “Detroit” and “The Last of Us Part II,” and entice with previews of “Spider-Man” and “Ghost of Tsushima,” plus expansions for “Destiny 2” and “Horizon Zero Dawn.”

Styled as an interactive, live-action drama, “Erica” works by connecting Android and iOS touchscreen devices to the PlayStation 4, allowing viewers to decide how the story plays out.

The main character, a young woman with a traumatic past, is pulled into a murder investigation and it’s up to players to decide which path to follow in a multi-sided narrative.

PlayStation leaned harder into mature themes with new footage for two undated tentpoles: Sci-fi thriller “Detroit: Become Human” and post-apocalyptic “The Last of Us Part II.”

The first, which takes place in a future where humans mix with humanoid robot assistants, had one of its main characters having to choose between obeying her owner and risking her life in order to protect the owner’s daughter.

The second was previewed through an uncontextualized and extended torture sequence.

“We’re sure you have many questions after watching this scene,” the game’s creative director wrote on the PlayStation Blog in an accompanying news post, characterising the game as “intense, beautiful, harrowing, and emotionally moving.”

But elsewhere, PlayStation was keen to offer calming, non-violent material.

Contemplative flying game “Oure” was announced and immediately released during a pre-show event, as was surreal time-control puzzler “The Gardens Between.” The main briefing opened with a look at animated mural outing “Concrete Genie.”

The spirit of PlayStation 3 era rough and tumble racing franchise “Motorstorm” lives on with a dizzying twist in mid-2018’s “Onrush,” and electronic dance music icon Avicii is behind a new rhythm action game “Invector.”

There was more on 2018 PlayStation 4’s exclusive “Marvel’s Spider-Man,” which was confirmed to feature Mary Jane, Aunt May, Miles Morales and the Kingpin in its cast of characters.

PlayStation’s preferential partnership with the “Destiny” franchise allowed for a peek at “Curse of Osiris,” late 2017’s first expansion to social action game “Destiny 2,” while there was also a look at November 7’s expansion for early 2017’s single-player hit “Horizon Zero Dawn.”

And the studio behind five games in superhero franchise “Infamous” unveiled its latest project, “Ghost of Tsushima,” a go-anywhere, do-anything Samurai game set in Feudal Japan. — AFP-Relaxnews

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