February 25, 2018
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KOTA BARU, Nov 2 ― A total of 156,000 people with home address in Kelantan have yet to register as voters.

Kelantan Election Commission (EC) director Fakhrul Razi Ab Wahab said up to the third quarter of this year, a total of 1.02 million voters in the state have already registered.

“We expect a total of 70,000 voters to register in the next two quarters, from October to December this year and January to March next year,” he told reporters after the opening of the Election Task Force briefing to the Kelantan police contingent at Kota Bharu district police headquarters (IPD) here today.

The briefing was officiated by Kelantan deputy police chief SAC Din Ahmad and was also attended by Perak Election Commission deputy director Shazree Idzham Wahab Abdul Rahman.

Fakhrul Razi hopes the 14th General Election (GE14) would be free of police reports on the removal of party flags and slander during the campaign period.

Meanwhile, Din said for GE14, a total of 31 officers and 413 policemen would be on duty to monitor the campaign period and throughout the voting process to ensure that it would be carried out smoothly.

The police would conduct 24 hours patrolling to monitor the situation and to detect any misconduct during the election.

“We have 1,947 polling channels and every one of them will be guarded by a policeman, and if we need assistance we will get help from other contingents.

“In GE13, we were assisted by 897 officers and policemen from other contingents,” said Din adding that the Kelantan police could of address all the problems, even if the GE14 was held during the Monsoon season. ― Bernama

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