February 25, 2018
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Luke Skywalker in Millennium Falcon in new ‘Star Wars: Last Jedi’ trailer (VIDEO)

A screengrab from highly anticipated ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’.A screengrab from highly anticipated ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’.LOS ANGELES, Nov 2 — The new Star Wars: Last Jedi trailer which debuted last night at the Game 7 of the World Series, shows Mark Hamill’s character Luke Skywalker back in the Millennium Falcon.

This marks the first time Skywalker has been in Hans Solo’s ship since Empire Strikes Back, way back in 1980.

In the trailer, Skywalker is heard saying, “This is not going to go the way you think” to Rey (played by Daisy Ridley) just as the trailer ends, perhaps setting expectations for fans.

This trailer, while not providing much more compared to earlier trailers, does have a few all new clips. In addition, there’s that bit that makes Rey look a tad evil, so does that means she’s going over to the Dark Side… or not? Will she, won’t she? Who knows?  

The Last Jedi is due to hit cinemas on December 15.

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