February 25, 2018
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Areas in Bayan Baru flooded following hours of heavy rain in this photo shared via Whatsapp.Areas in Bayan Baru flooded following hours of heavy rain in this photo shared via Whatsapp.GEORGE TOWN, Nov 5 — Selangor Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali announced a RM1 million allocation to Penang in aid of the thousands of victims affected by the massive floods last night and today.

Azmin, who visited some of the affected sites on the island said his central Pakatan Harapan state will also be bringing in reinforcements to assist in cleaning up in the aftermath of the disaster.

“I have ordered all local authorities in Selangor to bring in lorries, compactors and machineries to help the local authorities in Penang with the cleaning-up efforts in the aftermath,” he said at a press conference here together with Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng tonight.

He noted that the situation had recovered in most areas on the island where floodwaters had receded and he will be visiting the worst-hit areas on the mainland later.

“We have also mobilised volunteers in Selangor and about 300 volunteers will come up to Penang to assist affected victims here,” he added. 

He said these are the efforts Selangor can do to assist Penang and to support Lim during this time of great need.

“Lim has been monitoring the situation in the last 48 hours and his leadership in this disaster proved that he is able to handle this calmly and efficiently,” he said.

State Secretary Datuk Seri Farizan Darus confirmed that as at 7pm, a total 3,573 victims have been evacuated in the whole state.

Out of the number, 511 are on the island where a total 315 were evacuated in the northeast district and 196 on the southwest district.

He said the number of evacuees has increased in north Seberang Perai with a total 851 victims evacuated to nine relief centres.

Central Seberang Perai remained the worst hit with a total 2,164 victims evacuated to a total 23 relief centres while there are 252 evacuees in Southern Seberang Perai.

The heavy rains and strong winds late last night left a trail of devastation throughout the state, leaving five dead, roads blocked by debris and flood waters and thousands affected as their homes were inundated in flood waters.

Major roads have reopened after flood waters and trees were cleared but debris and mud remained.

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