February 25, 2018
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KUALA NERANG, Nov 7 — “It is hard for the eyes to see, harder still for the shoulders which carry the load.”

Alas, a suitable saying for a senior citizen, Abdullah Yunus, 71, of Kampung Masjid Lama here, who has been suffering from a mysterious disease when his testicles grew in size over the past 30 years until they are now each as big as a coconut.

He said his testicles became bigger after he had a high fever 30 years ago and, despite his numerous efforts to cure his predicament until today, all failed.

“I had the illness after a high fever. My testicles felt itchy and turned reddish…After three months, I had difficulty walking and had to go to the Alor Setar Hospital. The doctor told me to go to the Penang Hospital for a surgery,” he said when met here today.

But, economic realities and the lack of a suitable transportation to go there forced Abdullah, a father of three, to cancel the operation.

Anyone keen to help can make a donation to Abdullah could do so through Agro Bank under the name of Abdullah Yunus, account number 200-5061-00007093-4 or contact his son Ishak at 010-8173904. — Bernama

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