February 25, 2018
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It has been a week since Saad Hariri suddenly resigned as Lebanon’s prime minister during a visit to Saudi Arabia.

His actions have set off a chain of events that continue to play out across the region.

The Iranian-backed Shia Lebanese group Hezbollah, part of Hariri’s governing coalition, says Saudi Arabia is holding him against his will.

Hezbollah believes by forcing Hariri to resign, Saudi Arabia has declared war on Lebanon.

The US has joined the UN in calling for stability in Lebanon, warning regional powers against using the country for proxy conflicts.

Is Lebanon becoming a battleground for a regional power play?

Presenter: Laura Kyle


Beverley Milton-Edwards – Visiting fellow, Brookings Doha Center

Kamel Wazne – Founder, Center for American Strategic Studies

Nour Samaha – Freelance journalist covering the Levant region

Source: Al Jazeera News

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