April 22, 2018
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US actress Jennifer Connelly co-stars in the ‘Snowpiercer’ TV series. — AFP picUS actress Jennifer Connelly co-stars in the ‘Snowpiercer’ TV series. — AFP picLOS ANGELES, Jan 12 — The TV adaptation of train-bound struggle Snowpiercer is gaining momentum as US network TNT orders up the Jennifer Connelly sci-fi series.

Based on French graphic novel Le Transperceniege, Bong Joon-ho’s English-language Korean sci-fi movie Snowpiercer emerged in 2013 and, despite major difficulties securing a US release, hurtled to critical acclaim and commercial success.

Telling the story of a climate stabilisation experiment gone dramatically wrong, Snowpiercer follows a single, enormous train that continually circumnavigates the globe, housing on board the remnants of humanity in various states of luxury and squalor.

The award-winning movie is now being prepared for TV, with Turner’s US cable network TNT backing an adaptation.

Scott Derrickson, director of Marvel’s extravagant Doctor Strange alien visitation movie The Day the Earth Stood Still, and a clutch of horror movies, was installed on the Snowpiercer series in May 2017.

He helmed the pilot which TNT is now expanding into a full series, according to The Wrap.

Starring in front of camera to play new characters for the series are Jennifer Connelly of Spider-Man: Homecoming and A Beautiful Mind alongside Daveed Diggs (The Get Down and Ferdinand), Hiro Kanagawa (The Man in the High Castle, iZombie), Susan Park (Fresh Off the Boat), Alison Wright (The Americans, Feud) and Arnold Pinnock (Travellers), among others. — AFP-Relaxnews

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