April 22, 2018
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Raja Ilya says rejected Marvel role to protect Malaysia’s image, Islamic values

Raja Ilya denies lying about Marvel role in Hollywood. — Instagram/Raja IlyaRaja Ilya denies lying about Marvel role in Hollywood. — Instagram/Raja IlyaKUALA LUMPUR, April 5 — Local actress Raja Ilya has denied lying about an offer to star in an upcoming Marvel movie, saying she turned it down instead due to scenes that clashes with Islamic values.

She added that she rejected the role that could have catapulted her to Hollywood stardom as she didn’t want to tarnish Malaysia’s image.

“I’m not stupid to announce something that has not been confirmed yet.

“I made an announcement after getting the role. Of course, I was excited to be a part of such a huge franchise,” the 32-year-old was quoted saying by Malay daily Harian Metro today.

The Malaysian actress said she went to Hollywood recently to audition for the film and was ready to sign the contract which was managed by an agency there.

She added that she felt compelled to reject the role after discovering there were scenes that went against Islamic values, without elaborating on what they were.

“While reading the script, I found bits that touched on Islamic sensitivities.

“I didn’t want to tarnish Malaysia’s image and my family’s dignity so with a heavy heart, I rejected the role,” she was quoted saying further.

The Soulmate Hingga Jannah actress said it was not easy to work in the United States – it took her a year to complete all the necessary documents and requirements, including getting a special visa.

“Nevertheless, there are other opportunities for me in the US and I will be going back there again.”

Raja Ilya also said she won’t pay attention to criticisms from social media users and will not respond to negative comments on her Instagram account.

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