April 23, 2018
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Top iOS apps: ‘Fortnite,’ ‘Yuka,’ Commonwealth Games, ‘Puzzle Star BT21’

‘Fortnite’ appears more popular in Europe, North America and Australia, with ‘PUBG Mobile’ ascendant in India and Asia. — Picture by Epic Games via AFP‘Fortnite’ appears more popular in Europe, North America and Australia, with ‘PUBG Mobile’ ascendant in India and Asia. — Picture by Epic Games via AFPNEW YORK, April 6 — While Fortnite retains top spot in the US and UK’s free iOS app charts, and above competitor PUBG Mobile in Europe, Canada and South Africa, it’s the latter (or one of its unofficial clones) that gets ahead in India and Asian territories. Meanwhile, food info app “Yuka” rockets to number one in France, Australia is gripped by the Commonwealth Games, and pop band BTS has its spin-off tile-matching puzzle top in South Korea come April 6, 2018.


Fortnite (Games)

The hit console, computer and now iOS sensation in which players fight to be the last person or squad standing, building and knocking down makeshift forts, and in the company of pals on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Mac and PC should they so choose. The top in-app purchase is for US$9.99 (RM39) of virtual currency.


United Kingdom

Fortnite (Games)



第五人格 [en. Identity 5] (Games)

A 1v4 mystery-solving game with a Victorian aesthetic, in which one player is the detective and confronts a suspect with fearsome consequences.



WhatsApp Messenger (Social Networking)

Facebook-owned messaging suite which integrates with contacts lists and Facebook profiles. Voice, text, image and video messaging over 3G or WiFi. Secure messaging app Threema is Germany’s No.2 paid app.



Yuka — Scan de produits (Health and Fitness)

Barcode scanner for food and drink that uses the free OpenFoodFacts.org database to offer product evaluations and alternative suggestions based on nutritional quality, presence of additives, and organic composition.



KPN Interactive TV (Entertainment)

Internet TV app from Dutch mobile and phone provider KPN, with Chromecast integration, seven-day schedule, on demand catch-up, suggestions and so on via wifi or mobile data.



Sweatcoin (Health and Fitness) — Fortnite 2, PUBG Mobile 3, Helix Jump 7, IBF 8

Stepcounter that incentivizes light exercise by offering virtual currency (Sweatcoins) that can be used to buy selected goods, services and experiences or given to (or swapped with) friends.



7CommGames (Entertainment) — Fortnite 2, PUBG 15

Live coverage and highlights, medal tallies, athlete bios and schedules for the Commonwealth Games taking place April 4-15. Channel 7’s US$19.99 AUD premium membership brings HD, multi-device connectivity, and less commercial content. An Official GC2018 app is also available.


South Korea

Puzzle Star BT21 (Games)

A block-matching puzzler featuring BT21 — eight cute cartoon characters, representing seven members of boy band BTS and its fanbase.



God Eater Resonant Ops (Games)

The monster-slaying franchise makes a smartphone excursion thanks to a turn-based battle system. The top in-app purchase is for US$39.99 USD of virtual currency.



Grab — Ride Hailing App (Travel)

Southeast Asian taxi service that offers rides in taxis, fixed-fare private cars, and mopeds, plus parcel delivery and carpool organization. Payment via cash, card, or Grab’s virtual wallet.



Grab — Ride Hailing App (Travel)



WhatsApp (Social Networking)


South Africa

WhatsApp (Social Networking)


Store rankings courtesy of App Annie. — AFP-Relaxnews

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